Bangor 1876 v Penycae

SCORERS: Anthony Dunleavy 2
Evan Woodhall
M.O.T.M: Calyn Spencer
STARTING XI: 1. Tom Belton 2. Calyn Spencer 3. Adam Peters 4. Thomas Edwards 5. Jack Edwards 6. Jake Ellison 7. Leighton Kendrick 8. Mamadie Sheriff 9. Andrew Swarbrick 10. Anthony Dunleavy 11. Josh Millington
SUBSTITUTES: 12. Adam Davies 14. Jack Brindley 15. Ruben Monterio 16. Evan Woodhall 17. Tom Edwards

Penycae will consider themselves unlucky flopping out following a penalty shoot-out at Bangor 1876. A brace from Anthony Dunleavey and an Efan Woodall strike had given Penycae a slight edge at one stage but it ended all square at the end of 90 minutes and extra time but in a penalty shoot out, spot-kicks from Les Davies, Dylan Williams and Jamie Petrie sent Bangor through.