Llay Welfare v Penycae

SCORERS: Alex Rowlands 2
Evan Woodhall
Tom Edwards
Luke Williams
M.O.T.M: Alex Rowlands
STARTING XI: 1. Ben Darlington 2. Josh Mazzarella 3. Kyle Davies 4. Sean Cotterell 5. Aaron Jones 6. Harry Bowen. 7. Evan Woodhall 8. Luke Williams 9. Leighton Kendrick 10. Alex Rowlands 11. Tom Edwards
SUBSTITUTES: 12. Austin Owen 14. Owen Bather 15. Les Morris

After a bright start to the campaign Llay Welfare flopped to a 5-0 reversal against Penycae who went nap though Luke Williams, Evan Woodall, Alex Rowlands (2) and Tom Edwards.